Ethics in Practice Assignment

Ethics in Practice Assignment

Chapter 8: Ethics in Practice Assignment

News Article Critique

Paper: 10 Points

Presentation: 5 Points

Drawing on the information discussed in Chapter 8 of your textbook, select a newspaper or magazine article from a reputable media source that reports on a case of unethical behavior in the workplace. The article should include a discussion of how one of the following concepts was violated.

  • Code of Ethics
  • Misconduct & Corruption
  • Confidentiality & Privacy

Write a two-page double spaced critique (at least 500 words) of the article explaining how the parties named in the report violated ethical concepts (do not recite all the info found in the article). Draw on specific comparisons to the information in the assigned chapter.

Your article of choice must be:

  • a minimum of 15 paragraphs in length
  • current (no more than 6 months old)
  • an actual event that occurred within the State of New Jersey

Cautionary Notes

  • A critique is not a summary.
  • Attach your article to your written assignment.
  • Assignments submitted without an attached article will receive a grade of “0.”
  • Your written assignment must make reference to specific information in your article that corresponds with information from the text.  
  • Provide a Reference List which includes your source and the course text. Information from the text and article must be cited in-text using ABA format. The Reference List must also appear in APA format.
  • Please use 1” margins, 12 font and double spacing for uniformity.

 Media Sources – Only Articles from:

The New York Times

The Star Ledger

Time Magazine

CNN News

Fox News

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