a paragraph summarizing

(For Reading –Raby)Write a paragraph summarizing the text. What is the most interesting aspect of the text?

How does it relate an artwork using hobby motors and/or “found” moving electronic (battery operated) objects such as toys, fans etc and attach them to each other and to various materials. 

(For Reading–Cipolletta(scroll down to the English part))Select one project that interests you mentioned in the text. Find out more about the project on some other website.

Write a paragraph about the project and why you find it interesting.(if you can not open the pdf this is the Cipolletta’s reading website link–https://noemalab.eu/ideas/oltre-atomi-e-corpi-una-post-riflessione-su-ae-2016-beyond-atoms-and-bodies-a-post-reflection-on-ae-2016/)

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