A practical manner to your current or future work environment.


Practical Connection Project= 200 points

Description: First (individually, not with your team) write and describe in (500 words) the knowledge you gained in this course so far and how it has been applied or will be applied in a practical manner to your current or future work environment. This will be submitted in ilearn tonight. NEXT, (as a team) you establish a Fake Startup Company that will be the foundation for your Sunday research finding presentation. This company can be about anything you like, but should integrate real life connections to your job, or future employment positions you hope to gain and will be the platform for your research presentation Sunday. When preparing your fake Startup company, please identify your role in the Startup Company and explain what expertise you possess that led you to this position while addressing most of the questions below in the Friday area. The purpose of this is to give your Sunday presentation a professional feeling when you present your research paper to us.

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