A quality literature review

Why is it important to conduct or perform a quality literature review? Characterize or distinguish between the 4 major types of reviews discussed in our textbook? What are the essential components of a quality literature review?

A literature search can be defined as “a systematic process for identifying, selecting and critically appraising relevant research”. The purpose of this assignment will be to identify all published articles that have been written about the topic of your choice. You should then evaluate each article by reading its abstracts and/or full text. This exercise will help you understand how other researchers approach their own work and what they think about the subject matter. In addition, you may want to consider writing an original paper on one of these topics.

Objective: To demonstrate knowledge of the basic concepts related to conducting a literature search; to describe the four main types of literature searches conducted today; and to explain why it is important to conduct a high-quality literature review.

Materials: Your instructor has provided you with information regarding the following resources:

• An online database called PubMed which contains over 20 million citations from MEDLINE and life science journals worldwide. It also provides links to many other databases such as EMBASE, BIOSIS Previews, Cochrane Library, CINAHL Plus, PsycINFO, Scopus, Web of Science, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global, and more.

• A list of keywords used to find publications on any given topic. These words were selected based upon the most common terms found within the titles and abstracts of articles indexed in PubMed.

• Information regarding the different types of literature searches available. • Links to websites where you can learn more about searching for papers using various methods.

You must use at least two electronic sources to locate appropriate studies. For example, if you choose to do a traditional keyword search, you would enter key phrases into the search box located under the Advanced Search tab. If you decide to look up specific authors instead, click on Author Listing in the left hand column. Then type in the name of the author. Finally, select the publication year range and location options.

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Instructions: Please read the instructions below carefully before beginning this activity. When you begin working through the steps, please make sure that you follow them exactly. Any deviation from the directions could result in failing this assignment.

1. Click on the link labeled “Search” in the upper right corner of the page. Enter the term “literature review” in the first field titled “What are you looking for?” Scroll down until you see the word “Literature Review” listed among the results. Select the option labeled “PubMed Central”.

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