Compare the IoT with regular Internet.

0. Go to and find information about the IoT Council. Write a summary of it.

1. Compare the IoT with regular Internet.

2. Discuss the potential impact of autonomous vehicles on

our lives.

3. Why must a truly smart home have a bot?

4. Why is the IoT considered a disruptive technology?

he Internet has been around for more than 40 years, and it’s still growing. It was designed to provide information about things that are important in our everyday life, such as news, weather forecasts, stock prices, etc., but also some entertainment, shopping, social networking, etc. However, we can’t live without internet; even when we want only one thing from the web – like an e-mail or searching something on Google – the computer will be ready for us. This trend continues up until today where everything is connected through computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs, refrigerators, cars, washing machines… You name it! We all know how much time people waste by typing their passwords instead of simply using fingerprint scanners. Also, many devices out there require to be charged every day. These two examples show that we cannot survive without having access to the internet. But what if this connection would not need humans anymore? What if our homes could work independently? What if your car did not need you anymore? And what if robots were able to do any task automatically? Imagine living in a world where almost nothing needs human intervention. That sounds pretty nice doesn’t it? Well, those technologies already exist and they’re called “Internet of Things”. Let’s see how it works together with your smartphone/tablet and compare them with the real World Wide Web.

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