Compare the types of teams and how they are utilized within an organization.

Compare the types of teams and how they are utilized within an organization.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about a team is probably sports, but there’s more than one way to be part of a team. In this article we will discuss what makes up a team in business as well as some examples of different kinds of teams. We will also look at how these teams can help your company succeed.

What Is A Team?

A team is simply a group of people who work together towards a common goal or purpose. Teams come in many shapes and sizes: from small groups working on projects for their own benefit to large organizations with thousands of employees all working toward a single objective. The most important characteristic of any type of team is its ability to accomplish something collectively. This could mean anything from completing a project successfully to reaching sales goals.

The following is a list of team roles, their responsibilities, and typical duties for each role:

* **Team leader** : Responsible for leading all aspects of the team’s activities including planning, organizing, motivating, coaching, evaluating, delegating, coordinating, directing, monitoring, controlling, and resolving conflicts among members of the team. The team leader may also be responsible for managing resources such as time or money to accomplish goals. * **Coordinator/manager** : Manages day-to-day operations of one or more groups in which he or she has responsibility. Coordinates work between people who have different jobs but share common objectives. May supervise employees and delegate tasks. Typically reports directly to someone else with authority over him or her.

  * **Supervisor** : Supervises others’ performance by setting standards and providing feedback on job quality. Evaluates employee productivity and effectiveness; provides training when needed. Usually works under immediate supervision. Has final say about hiring decisions. Promotes from within if qualified. Can recommend promotions. * **Coach** : Helps individuals improve skills through practice and instruction. Provides guidance and support to help them reach personal bests. Encourages self-improvement. Often helps develop new ideas.  

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