Conduct a critical analysis of and, in at least 150 words, respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings

6.3. Conduct a critical analysis of and, in at least 150 words, respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings

Peer Review 1: (DD)

Technology has helped McDonald’s organization to meets its goals in numerous ways. For instance, the use of artificial intelligence has helped to enhance the ordering process. In addition, using technology in the customer service bench helped serve more customers more efficiently and faster (Akcam, 2020). Thus, this has helped in promoting a positive customer experience with the McDonald’s brand. Additionally, technology in talent management and performance management has helped reduce bias and errors during these processes. Therefore, the implementation of technology in these processes has helped to improve their effectiveness.

Overreliance on technology is a significant fundamental weakness that McDonald’s possess. These organizations rely entirely on technology; however, this can prove to be so detrimental to the organization. These specialized machines tend to fail at times and lead to delays in customer services. Additionally, they can give erroneous outcomes if they deem faulty. On the other hand, McDonald’s has a stable financial state that acts as its strength implementing technological advancements as they change with time (Akcam, 2020). Such technological advancement needs lots of funds to be implemented; therefore, the good financial state of McDonald’s is an advantage to them.

McDonald’s should work on the differentiation and cost leadership strategies to make its structure more responsive. Many firms dominate the food industry, and the only way to achieve a competitive edge is to stand out. Therefore, McDonald’s should produce products and services that are more unique and superior to their competitors; thus, this is known as the differentiation strategy (Hacque et al., 2021). Additionally, they should integrate the cost leadership strategy in their operations. This strategy involves producing similar products to competitors’ competitors; however, selling them at a more affordable process (Hacque et al., 2021). These two strategies will help McDonald’s to maintain its competitive advantage and become more responsive.

Peer Review 2: (DD)

Ford Motor Co. mission statement and vision statement focus on the effectiveness of their products and providing leadership to them in the automotive industry. Ford’s corporate mission is “to make people’s lives better by making mobility accessible and affordable.” It aims to benefit customers through mobility. This emphasis on mobility indicates Ford’s purpose to serve the society. The company designs their products to address the needs and issues in the transportation. Ford’s corporate vision is “to become the world’s most trusted company, designing smart vehicles for a smart world.” This reflects multinational company’s strategic goal of becoming a leader in the industry. It focuses on helping the company achieve top performance in the automotive industry. 

The company uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in many ways from connected car solutions to development of autonomous vehicles. Technology helps the company in developing better automobiles which provide better accessibility. With the help of machine learning data can be analyzed effectively which helps the company to formulate better strategic policies which helps them becomes more prominent. (Marr, 2019)

One weakness that can be associated with using technology is that other competitors have access to similar technological tools which reduces competitive advantages. The strengths which are associated with using artificial intelligence and machine learning are the efficiency in the processes of manufacturing and other functions. The technology helps in not only improving the process and automating them but also help identify areas of improvement and provide solutions to do so. Machine learning helps reduce the communication gap between the users and the system and helps reducing cost of hiring specialized professionals. 

The company must focus on the research and development department to research on various other technological improvements which can be implemented in the company to provide them a competitive advantage over their competitors. 

6.4 Presentation: Executive Summary

  1. Using your responses to the 6.3 Discussion, prepare a short PowerPoint presentation as an executive summary of your observations that could be presented to your management team.
  2. Prepare your PowerPoint based on the following outline:
    1. Provide an introduction to your presentation.
    2. Prepare at least one slide that shows the (a) mission or vision of the organization, and (b) information technology response to meeting that mission or vision.
    3. Provide a slide that demonstrates a strength in the current IT strategy.
    4. Provide a slide that discusses one weakness you see in the current IT strategy.
    5. Prepare at least one slide that provides your recommendations or suggestions for improvement.
    6. Provide a conclusion to your presentation that summarizes your points.
  3. Your presentation should be a minimum of six slides. Keep your points to no more than four bullets per slide. You may use any acceptable background for your presentation. You may wish to stay with the templates provided by the presentation software you are using.
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