Use one of the two books:  The Shallows orThe Glass Cage and choose 2 films from the following; The Day the Earth Stood Still, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Lost Horizons, and Forbidden Planet.  

Paper guidelines:

· Draft an outline for a 5-page paper to organize your argument, relevant quotes and film scenes. 

· Give your paper a title that reflects your argument (avoid the generic “Paper 1”) 

· Make sure page 1 contains your main point and thesis statement 

· The body of your text addresses key concepts from the text (using proper citation format) and select scenes from films

· Your conclusion should briefly summarize your critique and may introduce points for further consideration

· Avoid lengthy quotes and using unnecessary outside sources (such as film reviews or production histories) and instead focus on critical engagement with what you read and view

· Proofread your writing for grammar, spelling and punctuation – errors in these areas will compromise the clear expression of your ideas

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