Discussion 2: Addressing Stark and Anti-Kickback Statutes

Discussion 2: Addressing Stark and Anti-Kickback Statutes

As you have examined this week, Stark and anti-kickback statutes are in place to ensure that health services organizations are in compliance for engaging in fair and equitable business practices. While adherence to these statutes is not necessarily different for a wide variety of organizations, healthcare administration leaders must be careful to ensure that healthcare delivery and health services are made available and delivered in a fair and legal manner.

For this Discussion, consider how Stark and anti-kickback statutes contribute to a health services organization’s policies for health services delivery. Think about safe harbors and how these relate to health services organizations.


Post a description of Stark and anti-kickback statutes for compliance within your health services organization. Then, describe what statutes you might address from compliance perspective as a current or future healthcare administration leader. Be specific and provide examples. Explain how your efforts to comply with these statutes address safe harbors and be specific about their relevance for your health services organization. Please add references

Minimum 500 words

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