Diversity in Groups

How do you map out a plan to research the topic of Diversity in Groups

This is an assignment for my class. I am not sure if it can be used as a final project, but we will see how this goes. The idea behind this paper was that there are many different ways people think about diversity and inclusion. We have been studying these ideas through readings from various sources and discussions with each other. In order to make our own thoughts on diversity clear, we need to understand what others believe. So, I decided to create a survey where students could answer questions regarding their beliefs on diversity. After getting feedback from some of my classmates, I realized that there were several flaws within the original design of the survey. First off, I wanted to know more than just whether or not they believed in equality between races/ethnicities. Secondly, I wanted them to give me information about why they thought certain things about race relations. Lastly, I wanted to get at least 100 responses so that I had enough data points to analyze later. Therefore, I created two new surveys which ask similar questions, but also include additional questions that help us learn more about the student’s opinions on diversity. These surveys are attached below. If anyone has any suggestions for improvement, please let me know! Thank You!!

The first survey asks general questions about your views on diversity. It includes items such as “Do you feel like everyone should be treated equally?” and “How important is racial tolerance?” There are ten possible answers ranging

from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. This survey does not require much time to complete because most of the questions only take one minute to respond to. However, since there are 10 questions, it may take up to 15 minutes depending on how long it takes you to read all of the questions.

Survey 2: Race Relations Survey

In this survey, you will be asked to rate yourself along six dimensions based on how well you agree or disagree with statements related to race relations. For example, “I often hear racist remarks made by white people toward black people.” Students who strongly agree would choose 5 while those who strongly disagree would select 1. Each question requires approximately 3-4 minutes to fill out.

Instructions: Please use the following scale when answering the questions.

Strongly Disagree 1

Disagree 2

Neither Agree nor Disagree 3

Agree 4

Strongly Agree 5

There are 6 total questions in this section. They range from “Racism exists today” to “It is hard to find good role models for young children.” All of the questions are multiple choice except Question 6. To answer this question, you must write down your opinion on a piece of paper. Then, place it into the box provided.

Question 1 – Racism Exists Today

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