Does Your Leadership Style Need an Upgrade?

Does Your Leadership Style Need an Upgrade? [WLO: 4] [CLOs: 3, 4, 6]

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, review Chapter 17 of the text and watch the video LSBF Global MBA – Leadership Lecture (Part 1) (Links to an external site.).

Write: In your initial post, explain whether your leadership style needs an upgrade. Discuss the difference between leadership and management. Discuss the situational leadership model and what metrics should be evaluated in your or your employer’s business to achieve financial results. Make sure your post is more than 200 words and that you include a brief quote or paraphrase the reading material or video where appropriate (see the Writing Center’s Quoting, Paraphrasing, & Summarizing (Links to an external site.) guide for assistance with in-text citations).

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