Homework Help- The world of computer networks

Homework Help – Conduct an online search for an article that discusses some of the hot trends and emerging aspects of networking such as IoT, machine learning, or Wi-Fi 6.

Explain why you believe these trends are important in the ever-changing world of computer networks and business. Additionally, highlight two examples of these emerging technologies in networking that you engage with (or would like to engage with) on a frequent basis.

Homework Help- Next-Generation Wireless Technology

Without a doubt, the biggest networking technology development of the 2020s is one that’s going to be all around us very soon – the deployment of next-generation wireless networks. In the mobile networking arena, it’s the 5G standard that’s going to rewrite the rules of what’s possible for technology on-the-go. It’s these new cellular networks that are going to unleash the true potential of things like augmented reality and the IoT, as well as bringing us closer to a world filled with “smart everything“.

Homework Help- Indoors, the wireless revolution’s going to be led by Wi-Fi 6, the soon-to-go-mainstream standard that’s making its way into devices right now. It will not only triple the theoretical maximum throughput of its immediate predecessor, but will deliver better indoor signal penetration and support greater device density. In a world where every electrical device is gaining networking capabilities, the effects of Wi-Fi 6 can’t be overstated.

SD-WAN Becoming Common

Homework Help- Over the course of the last decade, cloud providers, SaaS and IaaS solutions, and mobile computing have come to challenge the traditional notion of boundary-driven networking. In the past, corporate and other private networks were animated by the concept of fenced-off access using firewalls and other location-centric controls. Now, as business computing assets have started to spread to remote data centers and mobile systems, a new concept has emerged

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