Homework help: what kind of content appears on websites

Why are common carriers prohibited from controlling the content of the material they carry?

Homework help: The Internet is a medium that has been around for over 20 years. It was originally intended to be an open, non-proprietary network where anyone could access any information at all without restriction or censorship. In practice this hasn’t worked out so well as it’s become more and more difficult to find anything on the internet other than what you’re looking for. This problem isn’t unique to the internet; there’s also problems with traditional media such as newspapers and magazines. Newspapers in particular seem to only report things that will sell papers rather than reporting everything important happening in their community. Magazines tend to focus on celebrities instead of local events. Both these examples show how people can easily get biased news if they don’t know better. But why do we need government regulation to fix this problem when technology already exists which allows us to filter out bad sources of information?

The Problem: There are two main reasons why we should allow companies like Google to control what kind of content appears on websites. First, because of competition between different search engines, having multiple companies competing gives users many options. Second, because most people use one company’s web browser, allowing them to choose who controls what sites appear in their searches makes sense. If I want to go to Wikipedia, then I shouldn’t care whether my search engine uses Microsoft Bing or Yahoo! Search. However, if I’m using Firefox, I would prefer to see results from Mozilla’s own servers.

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