Homework help: Why does conflict occur?

The purpose of this assignment is to explore the causes and consequences of intergroup conflicts. You will be asked to analyze a number of different types of conflict situations, including those involving race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability status, age, class, nationality, or political affiliation. In addition, you may choose an issue that has been in the news lately or one that affects your own community. Your analysis should include at least three questions: What are some possible reasons for why people might engage in these kinds of conflicts? How do they affect each group involved? And what can we learn about ourselves as human beings from studying such issues?

Homework help:

The Assignment: Read through the following text carefully and answer all parts of the question below. Then write out your answers on the lines provided. Be sure to explain how you reached your conclusions.

1. There have been many theories proposed over time regarding the causes of inter-ethnic violence. Some argue that it’s due to economic inequality between groups; others say it stems from cultural differences among them. Which theory best explains why there is so much ethnic violence today? Explain your reasoning.

2. Many theorists believe that poverty plays a role in violent behavior. For instance, if someone lacks food because he/she cannot find work, then s/he may turn to stealing instead.

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