Homework Market: Evaluation of H&M’s resources and capabilities

Homework Market: Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of H&M’s resources and capabilities, be sure to include a detailed discussion to support your choices

The aim of this report is to evaluate the health system in Vietnam, with a focus on the public sector. To do so, we have selected two criteria for our study; firstly, the availability of data sources that can be used by decision makers when making decisions about services or policy changes; secondly, access to those data sources which are relevant to the topic under investigation.

Homework Market: We found it difficult to find official data from government ministries and agencies – including Ministry of Health – which could provide useful information regarding the state of public healthcare provision in Vietnam. We were able to obtain data from MOH, but only at national level. This was not suitable as an indicator because the country has 84 provinces/autonomous regions and districts.

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