How do you get a DEA license?

I am new to the nursing field and have been working as an RN for about 3 years. When i first started, my employer had a pharmacy technician that was licensed by the Texas Board of Pharmacy but not the DEA. She would fill prescriptions at our facility using her TBOP license and then she would give me the prescription so that I could go out into the community with it and fill them on behalf of patients. My question is how can I obtain this type of licensure from the DEA if I work for a hospital or clinic rather than a retail drug store?

I know that there are different types of licenses available such as PA-C, LPN/LVN, etc., but what specific requirements must be met to receive one? Are they all required to complete some sort of coursework before applying for their license? If someone has experience with this please help! Thank you very much!!

Author’s Response: Hi! Thanks for your interest in learning I am currently working on my bachelors degree in nursing. My goal is to become an RN and work as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. The first step towards this end, of course, will be obtaining the proper licensing from Texas State Board of Nurse Examiners. After doing some research online, it seems that there are two ways for me to obtain my DEA license; one through the University of North Texas Health Science Center College of Pharmacy and another directly with TBNE. Both methods seem viable options so which would you recommend? Which method is more time consuming/expensive? And what other things should i consider before making a decision? Thanks!

1) You can take the class at UNT but you have to pay $200 per semester credit hour. Also, they only offer half-time classes, and you must complete all 12 credits within 3 years. For example if I wanted to go full-time right now, I wouldn’t even qualify because I’m halfway done with school already. But then again, maybe that’s why they’re offering half-time courses…

2) If you want to apply directly with TBNE, you’ll need to pass their written exam and practical skills test. They don’t accept applications by mail. Their application deadline is March 31st each year. There’s no way around paying for the exams though, unless you think about having someone else write your tests for you.

more about nursing licensing laws in Texas. You will need to contact the Department of State Health Services directly regarding obtaining a DEA license. They should provide information about the necessary steps to take when you apply for a license. Good luck!

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Hi again! This is great info thank you so much! One last thing though…how long does it usually

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