Importance of Social-Emotional Development

*First assignment*


Importance of Social-Emotional Development; Why Study Child Guidance?

Share your thoughts regarding child guidance.

Due April 2nd @9:00 pm

*Second Assignment*


Go to the following link:

Review the classroom you work in or have interest in. ITERS>ECERS>SACERS>FCCH

In a Word document, respond to what interest you the most. Be sure to outline which classroom you chose in the document. for example, ITERS, books in good repair, the video displayed …

Due by April 3rd 9pm.

*Third Assignment*


For this assignment, you will interview a person with at least a 20-year difference in age from yourself about their education experience. You will be given an interview guide that provides the first 10 questions for the interview. You will create and ask an additional five questions related to the person’s educational experiences. 

Upon completion of the interview, you will compare and contrast your educational experiences to those of the person you interviewed. The questions can serve as an organizational guide.

For this assignment, you will:

  1. Submit a document that includes all 15 interview questions and answers.
  2. Include either a table or narrative that details the comparison and contrast between the interviewee’s educational experience and your own.
  3. Conclude your report with a summary paragraph.

Additional resources 

1. Where and when did you graduate from high school? Was that a public school? If you did not graduate, tell me about when you last attended school.

2.What do you remember most about the curriculum or focus of study when you were in school? What materials were commonly used?

3.Tell me about your teachers. Did they seem highly qualified and well trained? Were they well respected?

4.What do you recall about laws and legislation regarding education when you were in school? What was most memorable?

5. How, if at all, did you feel politics played a role in education? 

6. What kind of role did freedom of speech have in education? 

7. Were materials such as library books or videos censored? If yes, who censored them? Do you know why the material was censored? 

8. How diverse were your classmates? Did you attend school with people of all races and ability levels? If no, why not? 

9. What kind of extra-curricular activities were available to students?

10. What do you think was the biggest challenge of the school at the time you were attending school? Why that?

Your additional five questions will go here. You will then need to answer these questions for yourself to be able to compare and contrast your experience to the person you interviewed.

Due April 5th @9:00pm

If you need more information and I don’t email back text m0 and I’ll email you right away. 

Thank you! 

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