Module 05 Course Project – Milestone Four: Final PPT Business Case Presentation

Module 05 Content

  1. Purpose of Assignment:
  2. Written business cases are often presented in PowerPoint format. This allows for the decision-makers to ask questions and fully understand the consequences (pros and cons) of implementing an HRIS, in this case. The purpose of this assignment is for you to gain practice creating a PowerPoint from a business case. Being thorough and succinct is critical. Remember your audience of executives and speak their language.
    Course Competency:
  3. Use spreadsheet software to evaluate the impact compensation and benefits has on a company.
    Turn your written business case from module 4 into a PowerPoint presentation. Use the speaker section of each slide to include your detailed notes. While you are not recording your presentation, the detailed notes should be sufficient enough to support a comprehensive presentation in a face-to-face setting. Include the following:
    • An introductory slide with company name, your name, and date (1 slide)
    • Outline and quantify your reasons for choosing an HRIS (2-3 slides)
    • Identify chances for improvement with implementing the chose HRIS application (you selected an HRIS in module 3).
    • Define its benefits and its limitations and how it can the HRIS enhances business throughout the company.
    • Include at least one screenshot from your spreadsheet data (from module 3).
    • Establish your case (3-4 slides)
    • In module 3, you compared and contrasted at least two HRIS applications and selected one. Now, use a second HRIS as an alternative and define its benefits and limitations.
    • Include current HR scenarios (recruiting, selecting, training) and explain alternative outcomes that would become possible through implementing an HRIS. Think of items such as risks (with and without the HRIS), development time, delays, costs and skills training.
    • Include at least one screenshot from your spreadsheet data (from module 4).
    • Include ROI data (you may obtain this from the vendors’ websites) for both your selected HRIS and the alternative.
    • Planning (1-2 slides)
    • Include an anticipated timeline for implementing an HRIS. Think of who will need to be involved, such as IT, other HR personnel for training employees, etc.
    • Conclusion (1 slide)
    • Provide a summary of the most succinct points for implementing an HRIS.
    • References (1 slide)
    • Use APA formatting for citations and reference slides.
      Format:The PowerPoint presentation should be a minimum of 9 slides and utilize best practices for creating presentations. Use APA formatting for citations and reference slides.
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