report and analyze the results

For this assignment, you will report and analyze the results of your interview with the intent of developing a deeper understanding of your community of study. The report should include:

  • a background section that presents your research question and summarizes your interview questions (what you wanted to find out from the interview)
  • a methods section that details your interview process, including note-taking techniques, where and when you conducted the interview, and “thick description” of the interview site and participant
  • a conclusion section that tells readers what your interview results reveal about your topic, how they help to answer your research question, and why they are meaningful; you may also mention any researcher or participant biases
  • a results section: a complete transcript of the interview should be an appendix to your report

–Not a traditional research essay.–Presenting data (quantitative and qualitative) from your own personal observation of the community you’ve chosen.
– Word count750-1000 words.- The structure follows the form of a report.- each section is clearly labeled and contains specific, relevant information related to that section.- APA format includes two-part, academic style title, author’s note and abstract. In-text citations and Reference lists are properly presented.- illustrations not merely decorative; the illustrations contribute supplemental, complementary information related to the theme or in support of evidence.- spelling & grammar.- APA format (illustrations)includes figure numbering, informative caption, and, when taken from a source, the APA citation. Illustrations are placed in the back of the paper as Appendices.

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