Should we let the Supreme Court Create Law?

should we allow the Supreme Co

urt to rule an action as unconstitutional and then be required to send the case back to the federal or state legislatures and let them create law that deals with it?

I am going to explain how my research process changed when the topic of my paper was changed. 

In a nutshell, I had an assignment in which I needed to write about some kind of law and make sure that it met certain requirements set by the professor. The professor gave me two choices; one was “The Constitution”, and the other was “the US supreme court’s decisions on civil rights cases”. Both were required to be researched thoroughly so as to provide evidence for their claims. Also, both papers needed to have at least three sources and they could not exceed 10 pages each. I chose to focus mostly on SCOTUS because I thought it would better serve my purpose than the constitution. However, after doing extensive research into SCOTUS’ history with civil liberties issues, I found out that many of its rulings are made based off of previous case laws or precedents rather than being completely original ideas. This discovery led me to believe that even though the constitution is what provides us our freedom, the SCOTUS has played an important role in making those freedoms possible. Therefore, this paper will focus more heavily on SCOTUS’ precedence rather than the constitution itself.

To begin writing, I looked up several different areas where SCOTUS has ruled on various topics such as voting rights, child labor restrictions, segregation, abortion, etc. Then I wrote down all these points and organized them into categories. After doing this, I began drafting my first version of the paper and then went back through my notes for further information. Once again, I rewrote everything until I felt that I had enough proof and facts to support my claim. At this point, I decided to do something entirely new: I added quotes from famous people who supported my view. These included Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Susan B Anthony, Frederick Douglass, Eleanor Roosevelt, John Brown, Thurgood Marshall, Clarence Thomas, etc.

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