Strategic leadership

This chapter discusses some key strategic leadership issues (such as privacy and fake news) facing Facebook leaders Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg. Consider other firms mentioned in the chapter such as Amazon, PepsiCo, Uber, VW, and Starbucks. What social and ethical issues do the leaders of these firms face today? Choose a firm or industry and explore the relevant controversial issues it faces. How should strategic leaders address the major issues you have identified?

The purpose of this assignment is to help students understand how business strategy can be used in addressing social, political, economic, environmental, ethical, legal, regulatory, cultural, and other important issues that businesses face today. Students will learn about some of these issues by exploring them through case studies from different industries. They will also examine their own personal values and beliefs regarding these issues as they relate to themselves and those around them. Finally, students will develop an understanding of what makes for effective leadership in such situations. This course provides opportunities for students to apply concepts learned throughout the semester to real-life problems facing companies. It requires students to think critically about complex issues and make decisions based on sound reasoning and evidence. In addition, students are required to write essays and participate in class discussions.

Prerequisite: None

Course Term/Level: Semester

Credit Hours: 3

Coordinating Council Code : BSCS04900

Departmental Course Equivalent Credit: 1.5

This course may qualify for up to 6 hours of college level work toward graduation requirements. Check with your academic advisor if planning to take additional courses at another institution.

BIO101 – Introduction to Biology I

3 Credits

Offered Fall & Spring Only

An introduction to biology emphasizing its central role in human life. Topics include cells, genetics, evolution, ecology, nutrition, health, disease, reproduction, growth and development, sensory perception, behavior, and society. Prerequisites: BIOL100; MATH 100A OR 101B AND CHEM 102C OR 103D

BIO102 – Introductory Cell Biology

4 Credits

Offered Fall, Winter, & Summer

Introduction to cell structure and function using microscopy techniques. Emphasis placed upon cellular organization, membrane transport mechanisms, intracellular signaling pathways, protein trafficking, cytoskeletal dynamics, and molecular motors.

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