Web Project Case Study
The purpose of this Web Project Case Study is to design a website using recommended design
practices. Your website might be about a favorite hobby or subject, your family, a church or
club you belong to, a company that a friend owns, the company you work for, and so on. Your
website will contain a home page and at least six (but no more than ten) content pages. The
Web Project Case Study provides an outline for a semester-long project in which you design,
create, and publish an original website.

Project Milestones
• Web Project Topic Approval (must be approved before moving on to other milestones)
• Web Project Site Map
• Web Project Page Layout Design
• Web Project Update 1
• Web Project Update 2
• Publish and Present Project

1. Web Project Topic Approval. (Due July 16th 11:59 PST.)
The topic of your website must be approved by your instructor. Write a one-page paper
with a discussion of the following items:

What is the name and purpose of the site?
List the website name and the reasons you are creating the site.

What do you want the site to accomplish?
Explain the goal you have for the site. Describe what needs to happen for you to
consider your site a success.

Who is your target audience?
Describe your target audience by age, gender, socioeconomic characteristics, and
so on.

What opportunity or issue is your site addressing?
Note: Your site might be addressing the opportunity of providing information
about a topic to others, creating an initial web presence for a company, and so

What type of content might be included in your site?
Describe the type of text, graphics, and media you will need for the site.

List at least two related or similar sites found on the Web.

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