tdb9:Applying Budgetary Considerations and Leadership

Why would it be important to communicate production standards to your employees?

This is a short article about why you should tell your employees what the standard of work will be. It’s not just for their benefit, but also yours and theirs as well!

The Problem: The problem with most people in this world today is that they don’t know how to do anything properly. They are lazy and think that if something doesn’t come easy then there must be some kind of trick or secret behind it. If someone tells them “this is how we do things around here”, they immediately assume that they have been lied to because they can see no reason why anyone else does it differently than they do. So when I was working at my previous job, I had an issue where one of our clients wanted us to make a change on his website. He told me he didn’t want any changes made without him knowing about it first so I agreed to go along with whatever he said. When I got into the office after lunch, I found out that all of the other developers were making changes to the site while I wasn’t even aware of it. After talking to everyone involved, I realized that none of them knew what the client wanted from the beginning. Everyone thought that since he hired us, he could dictate everything that happened. That’s when I decided to write this article explaining why communication between management and staff members is very important.

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