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Experience with technology presents both sweeter and bitters sides. Similarly, technology presents a bitter-sweet position. Technology is relished for its impact on the lives of many people globally. Many people forget to capture the effect that technology can have on attitudes, manners, and social interactions. Such a perspective presents the bitter side of technology. Learning institutions have opened the gates to all types of technological tools without assessing the impact that it has on the learners as far as writing and thinking skills are concerned. The goal of this paper is to distinguish and establish the ways in which technology has affected the manner in which people learn as well as the writing and thinking skills of many people.

First, technology has been useful in supporting earning. Technology has been an instrument due to its ability to create new opportunities for curriculum. It is evident that technology has developed an active environment in which learners can be able to read and solve problems. The world has been brought together into a small village where information can be accessed with a click. Such has been instrumentals in sharing ideas and information that triggers innovation the society and adds to the scholarly works. Technology has evolved and transformed writing. One is able to provide a topic to certain technology that is based on artificial intelligence and get a well-written essay. The technology has been received with varied reactions, with learners embracing it as a means of generating original content. 

Technology has presented a platform where opportunities can be expanded for teacher learning. In this case, teachers can be able to get more insight into things ahead of students, and the opposite is true. A close look into the online platforms, it is evident that technology has created a learning environment that allows for feedback sharing. In the online environment, scaffolds and tools are provided as means of enhancing learning. However, this is not enough since they act as sources of interruption during the online reading.

Secondly, it is important to exploit the bitter side of technology. Technology has forced humans to stop thinking. With the capacity to access the internet, people have stopped worrying about discovering things. People believe that new things have already been discovered and can only be searched on the internet. In this sense, technology has changed education negatively. People are no longer willing to patiently study and discover new things. Technology has set a path that is clearly heading to a dark future. People have been turned into zombies. People are investing much of their time in irrelevant content, forgetting about things that trigger research, writing, and critical thinking.

Technology has been evolving and gaining acceptance in learning institutions. The path that has been set has led to deteriorating learners, especially in reading and writing. Leaners have been forced to abandon traditional reading and research and adopted the approach of using summarized content on the internet. Leaners, when asked to read and research about a theme of an article, they happen to comb the internet for summarized content. Learners begin by reading the summary then later move to the text for skimming and quick note-making. The big issue is where technology is a push factor in the decline in critical thinking and analysis, and the answer to this issue is a big node.

In addition, technology has dehumanized educational environments. Technology has come in as a replacement and not an enhancer. At the moment, technology using artificial intelligence is doing writing and critical thinking. It is important to delve into this aspect of dehumanizing. Teaching has been left to technology with minimum supervision by humans or even lack of it. Such an environment is quite worrying since humans are losing the point of having technology. Social interaction has been another major victim of technology. Technology has isolated individuals and kept them busy going about their activities. Technology distorted social interaction that defined the traditional classroom. Indeed, the normal learner-teacher interaction has been lost with the emergence of technology. Peer discussion has also been lost, leading to zombie-like humans with a beehive of activities that are not yielding much as far as critical thinking and sharing of information is concerned. Classrooms have been folded and taken to an online platform where students can share long text as forms of discussion. The real nature of a classroom environment has been lost due to technology.

Truly, technology has been his harbinger to harness nature and has clearly formed a basis for defying the traditional concept of learning and interactions. Writing and reading have been major casualties of its unconquerable forces. Weighing the sweet and the bitter side of technology, it is evident that the bitter part presents more genuine arguments that deserves much attention. In conclusion, such winning points include deteriorating learners’ competencies in reading and writing, distorting social interactions between teachers and students, dehumanizing the educational environment, and, lastly, isolating individuals when using technology.

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