The application process for certification

What is the application process for certification in your state?

The purpose of this activity is to provide information about how to apply for nursing licensure. This will be a very brief overview and you should refer to other sources such as the National Council Licensure Examination website, Nursing Scope & Content Knowledge Online or any other resources that are available on-line. You may also want to contact an agency within your State who can assist with questions regarding licensing requirements.

Objectives: Upon completion of this activity, participants should have gained knowledge about what steps must be taken to become licensed as a nurse in their particular state. Participants will gain familiarity with the NCLEX examination format and scoring system. They will learn about the types of licenses offered by each state and understand the differences between them. Finally they will know where to go to find out more details about becoming certified in their own state.

Prerequisites: None

Materials: A computer iconnected to the Internet n

Time  Needed: 2 hours

 tInstructions: Please follow ethese instructions xcarefully. If you ado not scomplete all parts of the assignment please make sure to save it before closing your browser window.

1. 2. Enter “NC” into the search box at top right corner of page. Click Search button.

3. Select North Carolina from list of states displayed. Scroll down until you see link titled “Nursing License Requirements”. Follow directions there.

4. When finished click Submit Query Button.

5. The results screen displays links to pages describing specific license categories. Choose the category which best describes your current job responsibilities. For example if you work primarily in critical care units choose Critical Care Nurse.

6. On next page enter name of facility in first field labeled Facility Name. In second field enter Job Title. Then select option 1 – I am currently employed full time in my present position. Option 2 – I am seeking employment in my profession. Option 3 – I am self-employed.

7. Next step is to fill out form. Fill out fields marked with *. Be careful when entering data because some fields require exact spelling. Some fields allow only numbers. Once completed click Continue.

8. After completing the form click Submit Form.

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