The concept of diversity

Explaining what will be learned through experience with Diversity in Groups

The purpose of this paper is to explain the concept of diversity and how it can affect groups. It also explains why we need to understand this topic, as well as some ways that people have tried to deal with issues related to diversity. Finally, I’ll talk about my own experiences dealing with these topics at work and school.

Background: In order for a group to function effectively, there needs to be an understanding between its members on certain things such as goals and values. This means that all members must agree on something before they are able to move forward together. However, when you add more than one person into your group or organization, problems arise because each individual has their own ideas about how the group should operate. These differences cause conflict within the group which may lead to arguments and even violence if not dealt with properly. When individuals feel like they do not belong in a particular environment, they tend to withdraw from it and avoid interacting with others who share similar beliefs. This causes them to become isolated and eventually leads to feelings of depression and anxiety. If left untreated, these negative emotions could turn into mental illness.

Thesis Statement: Diversity affects every aspect of life including social interactions. Understanding the effects of diversity allows us to make better decisions regarding our lives.

Body Paragraphs:

1) What does “diversity” mean?

2) Why do we care so much about diversity?

3) How does diversity effect different aspects of society?

4) Is everyone affected by diversity?

5) Can diversity help solve conflicts?

6) Are there any examples of successful efforts to increase diversity?

7) Do you think that diversity is important enough to address now? Explain.

8) Have you ever experienced discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc.? Describe your situation.

9) Would you say that you were treated differently due to your ethnicity/race? 10) Did you know anyone else who was discriminated against? Who did you tell about it? Were they surprised?

11) Does being part of a minority group change your perspective on other minorities? 12) Has your view of yourself changed since becoming aware of your racial identity? 13) Have you had any personal experiences where someone made assumptions about you based on your appearance? 14) Have you ever been told that you look too Asian? 15) Have you ever felt uncomfortable around another member of your ethnic background? 16) Have you ever felt excluded from activities because of your skin color? 17) Have you ever felt rejected or ignored because of your religious affiliation? 18) Have you ever felt unwelcome in a place simply because you didn’t fit in? 19) Have you ever noticed that most of the time, white males get special treatment while black men don’t?

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