The four ethical principles of health care

This discussion board forum will focus on last week’s reading and listening assignments. You can opt to discuss the four ethical principles of health care, Chapter 1 of the textbook, Public Health Ethics: Global Cases, Practice and Content, strategies for improving reading comprehension, questions to ask when examining a position, propaganda, or the Introducing Believed pod cast that was assigned.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand and apply the 4 ethical principles that are used in medical ethics. You will be asked to read a case study, which involves an actual patient who has been admitted for treatment at your hospital or clinic. This case study will give you some insight into how these principles can affect real patients. It may also provide you with ideas about what kind of decisions need to be made when caring for patients. In addition, it will allow you to practice applying the principles by discussing them as they relate to the case study.

Objective: To learn more about the four ethical principles of medicine and their application to clinical situations.

Materials: Case Study 1 – Patient’s Rights & Responsibilities; Ethics Committee Handbook; Ethical Principles of Health Care

Time Allotted: 2 hours

Preparation Time Required: 30 minutes

Learning Outcomes/Goals: After completing this course, students should have learned:

1. How to identify the four basic ethical principles of healthcare.

2. What each principle means and why we use them.

3. When do we use each principle?

4. How does one decide whether a situation falls under any particular principle?

5. How do I know if my actions fall within the bounds of any given principle?

6. How do I determine if someone else’s action violates any of the principles?

7. How do I act ethically in a difficult situation?

8. How do I avoid unethical behavior?

9. Why is it important to follow all rules and regulations regarding patient rights and responsibilities?

10. How do I protect myself from being sued because of something I did while working on behalf of another person?

11. How do I make sure that no harm comes to anyone during my work?

12. How do I ensure that everyone gets fair compensation for his or her time and effort?

13. How do I prevent others from getting hurt due to negligence on my part?

14. How do I keep track of everything I am doing so that there are no mistakes?

15. How do I handle conflicts between different people involved in a project?

16. How do I deal with problems that arise after the fact?

17. How do I get paid fairly for services rendered?

18. How do I find out if I am violating any laws or regulations?

19. How do I report violations of law or regulation?

20. How do I respond to complaints against me?

21. How do I resolve disputes among colleagues?

22. How do I manage conflict without becoming personally embroiled in it?

23. How do I maintain professional relationships with other professionals?

24. How do I treat co-workers well?

25. How do I behave toward those outside our profession?

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