The key characteristics of one vulnerable population

Select and describe the key characteristics of one vulnerable population from your practice or locale and discuss why this population is considered vulnerable. Include one or two health practices and beliefs of the chosen population that increases the vulnerability of the population. Describe how you, in an advanced nursing role, could be an advocate for this vulnerable population at the local, state or national level.

The purpose of this assignment is to describe your experiences as a nurse and/or health care provider that have led you to become aware of issues related to poverty and homelessness. This awareness has resulted in advocacy efforts on behalf of homeless people with mental illness. You will identify specific examples from your own experience or those of others who are working toward improving services for these individuals. In addition, you may consider other relevant literature about the issue being addressed by your advocacy activities. Your paper should include three components: 1) A description of your personal involvement; 2) An analysis of the problem ; 3) Recommendations for change.

Thesis Statement: Homelessness affects many Americans today. It can cause physical harm, emotional distress, financial hardship, isolation, and even death. Many mentally ill persons suffer from chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, HIV infection, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, and substance abuse disorders. These conditions often lead to poor self-care practices which contribute to their inability to maintain stable housing. As a result, they frequently end up living on the streets without access to adequate medical treatment. Although there are programs available to help them obtain shelter and food, most do not address the underlying causes of their problems. Therefore, it is important for nurses and healthcare providers to recognize the signs of homelessness so that appropriate interventions can be implemented.

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