The new reimbursement models and traditional models

You are the Associate Vice President for Education and Training for OtroRaza Health, the academic medical center and health system associated with Enormous State School of Medicine (ESSM). The vice president of medical affairs comes to you concerned about the viability of the school’s residency programs. Several of ESSM’s residency site stakeholders are seeking clarification regarding new reimbursement models used by the system.

Prepare a 4-6 page white paper – for the VP of Medical Affairs to share with the residency sites — outlining the differences between the new reimbursement models and prior traditional models for stakeholders.

In your response, include the following:

  • Description of each model, such as capitated payments, fee-for-service, including new and emerging models being introduced to the industry, such as value-based, MACRA, and others.
  • Compare and contrast the traditional and new models and explain the motivation / reasons for the emerging models.
  • Describe what impact (if any) you perceive there would be on the cost, quality and access to patient care.

Support your research with peer-reviewed sources and/or market data. It is highly recommended to use professional charts / graphs to reinforce written content. Ensure that your content and information is professional and can be followed by an executive audience.

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