The Smallville client leadership

Assignment Content

  1.    The Smallville client leadership has accepted your risk and threat assessment and has asked you to brief them on how to mitigate against the risks and threats you identified to reduce the probability of occurrence and reduce the impact severity. Write as if to the client.

    Review the Gail Industries Case Study.

    Write a 3- to 4-page risk mitigation step plan using a Business Memo format. A 10-12 slide presentation is an accepted alternate format. Include the following:
    • Control techniques to mitigate the risks and threats you identified in your assessment report from Week 3
    • Data management practices to ensure the integrity and optimization of databases and intellectual property
    • Business Memo format guidelines

      Include a reference page of a minimum of 3 references in APA format.

      Format citations according to APA guidelines.

      Presentation Expectations
      Multimedia presentations should engage the intended audience through graphics, diagrams, photos, and text used in a concise manner. Speaker notes should round out the content material.
      —- “Content”: details for each topic required in assignment –
      —- “Speaker notes” : this is where the details and data should be
      —- “Text” : large enough for audience to read / bulleted points / legible fonts
      —- “Audience Engagement”: good, due to a balance of visual elements – too many ‘bells and whistles’ can be distracting but people are engaged by photos and graphics!
      ___ Images should be compelling and create interest. Use charts, diagrams, images of people, etc.
      __ Additional Media: Music, voice overs, videos and animations can add to a presentation if not overdone.
      —- “Format”:
      ·       Title page
      ·       Summary page
      ·       References: included w/ APA style
      Tips for Making Effective PowerPoint Presentations
      Tips for creating and delivering an effective presentation

      Written Report Expectations
    • Follow APA style guidelines
    • Include APA formatted references – minimum of 2, 3 or more is better
    • A title page does not count as a page of the report
    • Do not go over the page amounts
    • Content should address each bullet point of the assignment above
    • Use correct spelling, grammar, mechanics
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