Tribes opted to side with British

Which tribes opted to side with British in the revolutionary war ?

This is a post about which tribes sided with Britain during the Revolutionary War. There were two main reasons why Native Americans fought on either side of this conflict, and I will briefly discuss both sides here. The first reason was that many Indians had been forced into slavery by white settlers; they wanted their freedom from bondage so that they could return home to live free lives as before. However, there were also those who saw America as an opportunity for them to gain land and wealth through trade rather than enslavement. These people often came together under one banner, called “the United States” or simply “America”. They believed that if they joined forces with the British against the American colonists then they would have more power over the new nation. Both groups thought that they would be able to make money off of trading goods between each other and thus benefit themselves financially. Many of these men went back to their homelands after the revolution ended and became successful businessmen and politicians. Some even rose up within the ranks of the U.S. government itself and helped shape its policies towards the native population. In addition, some Natives chose not to fight at all because they felt that fighting against the colonialists would only lead to further oppression and suffering. It wasn’t until 1876 when the last Indian treaty was signed, making way for total assimilation into mainstream society. So you can see how complicated things really are!

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