Tribes that sided with the Americans.

Which tribes opted to side with the Americans.

The American Revolution was a war between two nations, but it also had its own internal conflict within each nation. In both Britain and America there were several different groups of people who all wanted their country to be independent from England or Great Britain respectively. These groups included Loyalists, Patriots and Tories.

The British government tried very hard to keep these three factions apart during the Revolutionary War. They did this by giving money and supplies only to those they deemed “loyal” and sending troops out against any group that sided with the Americans. This policy led to many battles where some of the soldiers in the British army would fight alongside one faction while others fought for another. It is important to note here though that not everyone involved in the fighting on either side actually supported the cause of independence; most just saw an opportunity to make easy money through plundering, looting and raping.

In order to understand why the American Revolution happened we need first to look at what caused the rebellion. Then we can see how the various groups came together and finally discuss the results of the revolution itself.

Chapter 1 – Causes

1.2 Reasons Why the American Rebellion Occurred

Before reading further you should know that the American Revolution was sparked off when the colonists refused to pay taxes imposed upon them by the Parliament of Great Britain. The colonies argued that since they had already paid for half of the cost of governing themselves then they shouldn’t have to pay again. When the tax was passed without discussion it angered the colonists because it showed that parliament didn’t care about anything except making more profit. However, when the king’s ministers found out about the uprising they decided to send over the military to put down the rebels.

On June 15th 1775 King George III issued his famous Declaration Of Independence which stated: “…it hath ever been the pride and glory of our Nation…that her citizens everywhere do enjoy LIBERTY OF ENGLISHMAN.” He went on to say that he believed that if the colonies became free states they will become great powers like France, Spain and Holland. Although he promised to protect the rights of Englishmen living abroad he made no mention of protecting their property. So after this declaration the American Colonies knew that they could now declare complete freedom from rule by the crown.

This act resulted in the start of the American Revolution as well as the French Revolution. Both revolutions started as rebellions against authority and ended up being much bigger than anyone expected.

So far so good? Well let us continue!

*Note: I am aware that the above statement doesn’t really answer the question ‘why’ the American Revolution occurred, however it does explain the reasons behind it.

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