Visual Analysis Activity

Visual Analysis Activity

English 102

Purpose: The purpose of this essay assignment (3-pages) will be to identify an advertisement using visual analysis. Create a rhetorical analysis that includes the 3 rhetorical appeals and includes audience, purpose, question, context, and writer. The essay you type will demonstrate your ability to apply the elements for writing an essay for visual argument or visual rhetoric.

Audience: Your audience for this assignment is your instructor and your classmates. Be careful that you do not assume all readers will have seen and/or understand the product in your advertisement. Provide background experience.


You are to write a visual rhetorical analysis that:

  • Identifies the ad and its “author”
  • Identifies the rhetorical situation/context
  • Identifies the argument of the ad
  • Identifies the intent or purpose
  • Identifies the tone
  • Identifies how the piece is arranged and organized
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the author’s purpose
  • Demonstrate standard English Writing Conventions
  • Double-space, 1-inch margin, Times New Roman, 12 Font
  • Page Numbers in the upper-right hand corner
  • Professor’s name, student’s name, date, CRN# (upper left-hand corner of the paper)

Due date: September 22, 2021 (rough draft)

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