Homework Help-What is plagiarism?

Homework Help What is plagiarism? Why is plagiarism inappropriate? Why might a student plagiarize? What do you feel the consequences for plagiarism should be? How can plagiarism be avoided?

The Definition Of Plagiarism

Homework Help Plagiarism has been defined as “the unauthorized appropriation, or close imitation, of another author’s language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions.” The term was first coined by Dr. John Henry Wigmore who wrote a book called A Treatise on Evidence which discussed the legal implications of using someone else’s work without permission. He said: “Plagiarism consists in taking passages from books, articles, lectures, etc., for one’s own purpose without acknowledging them as such; or in presenting these taken passages as original with the consent of the owner of the copyright.” This means that if you take an idea from someone else’s paper and present it as your own then you have committed plagiarism. If you do not acknowledge where you got the material from, then you have stolen someone elses’ words and presented them as yours.

What is plagiarism? In order to commit plagiarism you must copy something verbatim from someone else’s work. You cannot just paraphrase it because that would mean that you were changing the meaning of the sentence but keeping all the same wording.

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