What is the advantage of culture to an organization

Culture has been a hot topic in many organizations. It can be defined as “the sum total of all characteristics, both good and bad that are shared by members of one society.” Most people think of it as something you do on your own time but this definition does not take into account how much work goes into creating and maintaining a successful culture within an organization. In other words, what’s the point? Why should I care about my company’s culture?

The business case for culture is simple: when employees feel proud of their jobs, they will perform better at them. This means more money saved and less wasted resources. The article below explains why this happens. However, before we get started, let me define two terms that may seem familiar to some readers: “culture” and “fit”. These concepts are essential to understanding the rest of this article. They have different meanings depending upon who uses them; hence, I’ll use these definitions throughout the article.

*Culture*: A set of values, beliefs, assumptions and practices held by individuals in an organization. For example, if I said “I like chocolate ice cream,” then you know what kind of person I am because there are certain things which I don’t eat. You would also say “he doesn’t fit our culture”, meaning he didn’t live up to our expectations.

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