I know guys are so fixated on writing for clients and earning $10, $20, $50 or more per article.

But if you want to get more writing income, consider these things:

1. Pitch to high paying clients

Check the pinned post to see how it’s done, create your writer website and start pitching.

2. Build an audience (create a smashing blog)

Personal branding is huge today. People are revolving around a few personal brands. Think of guys like Eric Omondi who have a huge audience and get called for everything. They earn millions for simple things, just because they pull crowds.

Writers can do the same thing, build an audience through the combination of a blog, email marketing and social media marketing.

This way, clients will FIND you. Yes, when well done, blogging can get lots of high paying clients knocking at your door. Some usually end up making long-term arrangements.

3. Pitch to brands

Now that you’ll be earning from the clients you pitch to and guys who find your blog, consider pitching brands in your space.

Remember to do proper personal branding where you can tell a client you’ll get their post seen by your 10k email subscribers, 20k monthly blog readers, 40k combined social followers, their possible shares etc.

There’s power in the numbers.

This will not just be for writing jobs, but for a complete marketing experience. Tell them you’ll not only write for them, but you’ll also spread the word to your followers and deliver instant, measurable results.

A client who would pay you $50 for an article, will be happy to pay you $300 to do all the above.

And the only extra effort will be to do an email, and a post on your social media scheduling tool!

While at it, you can also do affiliate marketing in your blog and market any other service that you do and love.

Think big and increase your writing income.

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